The Dragonfly and Raven

The Dragonfly and Raven

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Unsubscribe From the System

Unsubscribe from the System

I am waiting for people to understand that the current government does not work for them.
To figure out that they do not live in a republic, but an oligarchy,
To learn that Big Business and the Koch Brothers own all of the sleazeballs on Capitol Hill who call themselves your representatives.
In reality, they serve themselves, then their sponsors, and then their party.
You are just an afterthought.
Who needs integrity when you have ads and media buyouts?
When the game is rigged so you can only choose from two moderate parties—one left leaning, the other right.
I am waiting for people to understand this,
and I am waiting for people to understand that every vote matters,
and that if they actually voted for the person with integrity and not on party lines,
then real change can be made.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

We Inherit the World From Our Ancestors

I am waiting for the world to change for the better.
I am waiting for the governments of the world to battle global climate change,
to reduce carbon emissions and oil consumption,
to turn to the wind and the sun and the sea.
I am waiting for the people of the world—the conservative people—I am waiting for them to
stop being disillusioned,
to accept that we are the problem,
to accept that we must change ourselves to save the world,
to acknowledge that there is not another planet we can go to

to realize that once they die, there are others who have to live with their mess.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The Pacifica Project is a project that is required to graduate from Seaside High School. Every senior must do a 50+ hour community service project, and then afterward, do a 15 minute presentation at the Seaside Convention Center to the community at-large. My thoughts looking back.

It's over.

It's done.

Now, I have time for some fun.

A date, with a lady in blue.

My pillow, how I long to see you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Green Eggs and Ham?

It was Boxing Day, and the denizens of Whoville were busily running to and fro, returning unwanted gifts from relatives who knew them not. It was on this festive day that Sam I-Am came into town. Sam I-Am was a hunter of exotic and big game animals, and had come to Whoville to inquire about local wildlife.

Sam-I-Am came into Whoville with a long, brown hunting rifle strapped to his back, and buckskin boots. He went to the town hall, and gained an audience with the mayor. For those who may be skeptical that the mayor of a town as great as Whoville would meet with a random traveler, I would remind you of the size of the town—it was, after all, quite small.

So Sam-I-Am asked the Mayor, “What is there to hunt in these parts? I am an exotic and big game hunter. Right now, I am looking for the perfect meat to go along with the green eggs that I have found.”

“Exotic game? Well, I don't think that you will be able to find any of that around these parts,” Said the Mayor. “However, there is some decent sized game over by the mountain. Perhaps you will find what you are looking for there?”

And so Sam thanked the Mayor for his help, and he set off for the mountain. After spending many days and nights camping, waiting for something to shoot, he finally saw what he was waiting for. A large, man-sized green beast way walking down the mountain. Not believing his luck at finding such an exotic animal, Sam-I-Am shot the beast right in the head, so as not to lose any of its meat. After killing the beast, Sam-I-Am brought it back to his camp, where he proceeded to skin it.

The next day, Sam took the meat—green just like his eggs—back down to Whoville, where he began to sell what he called the Green Eggs and Ham dish. It sold very well, and by the time Sam-I-Am as ready to move on, he made quite a bit of money.

To the dismay of the town, they were never able to introduce the Grinch to Sam-I-Am, who remarked that he would have loved to have discussed hunting and other such ventures with.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Zagretti Job

What the Hell happened to the payment for the Zagretti job? I busted my ass to kill that kid, damn it. When is Zues going to cough up?

I talked to Hermes. He said that Zues can't be reached until after the Romans are off his back. Told me to tell you to use the Carthage Safehouse until he can meet. Probably gonna be in a week or two. And let me remind you Aries that it was ME who got shot in the Zagretti job. Just because you had to wade through the sewers doesn't mean that you busted your fucking ass. See you in Tunis.

Where the fuck where you? I went to Carthage, and you weren't there. Worse, there where a whole bunch of fucking Romans! I thought we was in this mess together.

Carthage has been compromised. Zues was taken by the Romans. Hercules is in charge now. I'm not sure who sold Zues out, but we'll find the bastard. Relocated to the Gaul Safehouse.

I'm not going anywhere until I know who screwed us over, and not until I get fucking paid. Tell Hermes that if he doesn't get Hecules to cough up, I'm walking, and talking my memories with me.

Your lucky that I didn't put a hit out on you myself. It's a good thing that I'm friends with Aphrodite... well, Persephonie is. Anyway, I can't tell Hermes that because he's dead. Midas got a tip that he was the one who flipped on Zues. Hercules killed him himself. Just sit tight, okay? We've gotta figure out whose filling his shoes. Besides, you don't wanna see Hercules pissed. I worked with him once on a bank job, and there wasn't a recognizable race for the Romans to identify.

Alright, fine. But hurry up.

There has been a coup at Olympus. Hecules is in exile. A usurper has taken charge... and your not gonna like who. Turns out Midas was the mole. He ratted out Zues to put Hercules in power, because he knew he had the support to overthrow him. He gave us Hermes to get us off his trail. You can kiss you payment goodbye Aries. Try to get out with your life.

I made it safely out of Chicago. I am now hiding out in Yggdrasil, with the Norse Family. Turns out, they were in need of a monkey man. My name is no longer Aries. They have rebranded me as Ullr. It comes from Old Norse. It means “glory” or something like that. There's an extra spot here if you want it. I would be happy seeing you again, old friend.