The Dragonfly and Raven

The Dragonfly and Raven

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

On the Couch

I open the front door of my house,
Walking into the living room,
Exhausted after a long day's work.
Then, I see her.

She is laying on the couch.
Naked, clothed only in fur
Draped over her exquisite form.

She perks up at my entrance,
And calls me over to her.
Removing my tie,
I join her on the couch,
Running my hands through her hair.

As I sit down, she gets up,
Positioning herself onto my crotch.
I put my hand onto her back,
Following the curvature of her spine,
Moving around to her chest and stomach.

I can hear her begin to purr,
As she falls asleep on my lap.
My loyal cat.