The Dragonfly and Raven

The Dragonfly and Raven

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dark Was the Night

The night was black as he crept through the expansive halls of the manor. He looked down, admiring the Italian marble floors. It was becoming apparent that the owners of the house had more money than the average person of wealth. He put himself against the last door on the left, a large door, made of ancient oak.

He was hired to eliminate the occupants of the house. They were cousins to the boss, who wanted was worried about them squealing his transgressions with the law. He made the sign of the cross, and slowly opened the door. Inside, lay his target, and his wife. Slowly, the man moved in, and slit their throats.

The task was grizzly, but he did it well. On his way out, he covered the two up. There was no need to have them so naked before the whole world. Then, he heard the cry of a young child. He turned, to find a toddler, standing up in her crib in the corner. Knowing what he must do, he went up to the child and thrust with the knife, disemboweling her.

He left the house then, disgusted with what he had done. When he opened the back kitchen door, he faced the barrel of a Smith & Wesson. The hand that held it belonged to his boss. Then, he realized. The man had been played. He was used to eliminate the cousins, but the true reason for his coming was his own death. His boss pulled the trigger. BANG!