The Dragonfly and Raven

The Dragonfly and Raven

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Perfect Girl

She was the perfect student. Well, almost perfect. She was senior class president and her class valedictorian. She was in calculus and physics and college level English. She was an athlete, the star of the softball field. In the Fall, She was a thespian, the lead of the Fall play. In the Winter, She put on her protective goggles and acted as lead engineer for her school's robotics team. She had been accepted to every university she had applied to, and had even earned a full ride from Stanford. It was clear to everyone that she was destined to go places.

That is because no one knew about her secret. You see, one night after a softball game, She was giving one of her teammates a ride home, and She decided to take a detour to a one-room, abandoned house on the edge of town. Both girls stepped out of the car—a yellow Volkswagen Bug. Her friend was reluctant at first, but she was an extremely persuasive person.

Once her friend was inside, She closed and locked the door. “So,” She said. “Why did you do it Haylee?”

“Do what?”

“Why did you make me look like a fool on the field?”

“What do you mean?” Fear creeping into her voice.

“You threw me the ball when I wasn't looking in the fourth inning, when we had two outs. How could you forget that?”

“It was just a mistake. I'm sure no one remembers. I mean, I didn't.”

She glared at her teammate, “I am sure there were scouts there. Besides, I noticed.”

“Okay, jeez. I'm sorry.”

“So am I Haylee, so am I,” She said, striking her in the head with a rusty pipe. Haylee dropped immediately to the floor, unconscious. She quickly went to the only furniture in the room, an armoire. She opened it, and grabbed a bottle of whiskey, putting it in Haylee's hand. Then she brought out a large kerosene lantern. She lit it, and then pushed it onto its side next to Haylee. Quickly, She left the house, and pulled away from the derelict shack.

Later, when they found the remains of Haylee in the ruins of the house, the police came to talk to Her. She told them that Haylee had asked Her to drop her off nearby the house, though She had no idea where Haylee was going to go. The police questioned her several times after, but in the end, they dropped their investigation into Her. The death of Haylee was ruled an accident, caused by a lantern being knocked over by the drunken girl.