The Dragonfly and Raven

The Dragonfly and Raven

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Tabby in the Meadow

Once there was a tabby cat, who lived within a meadow. The Tabby had lived in the meadow for a long time. As is the way of things, he spent most of his time hunting mice and other small rodents. Anyone who looked at this would see things as normal. What they didn't know is that the Tabby was extremely lazy. He was also very cunning, and devised a scheme to not have to hunt anymore.

In started on a nice Summer day, the sun providing warmth to the little creatures of the meadow. Usually, the Tabby would be stalking through the tall grasses, tracking his prey. Today though, he was ready to lay his trap. Instead of hunting, he went to the middle of the meadow, and laid upon the great-rock. Upon the rock, the Tabby was in full view of the entire meadow. Now, he waited.

At first, the mice were suspicious, and rightfully so. The Tabby existed to kill them, to eat them. But now he was laying on the great-rock, seemingly without a care in the world. After much debate, the mice decided to approach the Tabby. When they reached him, they asked what he was doing.

The Tabby smiled, and told the mice that he was tired of hunting them. He was tired of eating mice, and wanted to be their friends. Naturally, the mice were distrustful. Why should they believe the Tabby? However, mice are not the most cunning of beasts, and quickly began to believe the Tabby. They brought him food from their stores: berries, roots, nuts, and whatever else they had managed to gather. How good it was to have the Tabby on their side!

What the mice didn't know was that this was all a part of the Tabby's plan. While he didn't like the food that they brought him, it was food. It was a small price to pay in order to gain the trust of the mice. Soon, they began to sleep with him, enjoying the warmth given off by the Tabby. Soon, he would be able to spring his trap.

It was night when he pounced, about a week after he renounced his coveting of mice flesh. The mice had gone back to their homes to sleep, but a few had stayed with him. One by one, the Tabby ate them whole. None of them were able to make a sound, and when the rest of the mice returned in the morning, the Tabby feigned ignorance. The mice trusted him, and nothing more of it was said. For the next week, the Tabby ate more and more of the mice, until only a few were left.

The remaining mice were frightened, and rightfully so. All of their friends and family were dead. At this point, they saw the Tabby as a protector. They begged him to save them, to watch over them in the night. The Tabby agree to watch them that night, and to stop whatever was killing them. Grateful, they drifted to slumber.

Now, with the last of the mice before him, the Tabby grinned. He had won. Then, he opened his jaw, and began his feast.

-One does not have to be agile or strong to get what they desire, only quick of mind.